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This page allows you to explore other sources on the Internet for Shroud of Turin related information. It includes links directly to Shroud related websites and articles and to many of the major Internet search engines. Every site listed has been reviewed for relevance, but inclusion here should not be interpreted as an endorsement of the information or opinions expressed therein. Opinions expressed are solely those of the respective authors. A brief description of each link has been included to assist you in making your selections. Links to many of the major web search engines are also included so you can explore other related subjects on your own. If you know of a Shroud related website or Internet resource not listed here, please E-mail the URL, etc., to us and we will include it as soon as possible. Remember, these links take you to different websites. You will have to use your browser's "Back" button to return to this website.


Links to Shroud of Turin Related Websites and Articles



Archdiocese of Turin Website (In Italian, French and English)

This website is presented by the Archdiocese of Turin and was established in January of 1997. It provides up to date information directly from the source and is presented in Italian, French and English. It includes many excellent photographs, as well as other interesting information.

Centro Español de Sindonología's (CES) Website (En Español, French & English)

This website covers both the Shroud of Turin and the Sudarium of Oviedo, a Spanish artifact believed to be related to the Shroud. It includes an index to "Linteum", the high quality Shroud journal published in the Spanish language by the CES, an overview of EDICES (Equipo de Investigación del C. E. S.)., their research organization for investigating the Sudarium of Oviedo and many other interesting articles related to both relics. This Spanish language website gives many more viewers access to quality information on the Shroud of Turin. Recently, the Centro excerpted the "Special Report on the 1997 Fire" article from this website, translated it into Spanish and put it on their site.

Centro Internazionale de Sindonologia (International Center of Sindonology) Website (In English and Italian)

The International Center of Sindonology of Turin (Italy) was founded in 1959 in order to promote and coordinate, at any level, the research on the Turin Shroud. It is the founder of the "Museum of the Shroud" which collects different types of objects connected to the history of the Shroud and to the scientific researches made on it. The Center publishes the journal SINDON and organizes international congresses on the Shroud; the most recent one took place in Turin in June 1998. Included on the site are several three dimensional computer generated images of the Shroud.

Centro Mexicano De Sindonologia Website (En Español) New!

This site is produced by the largest Shroud organization in Mexico. In recent years, they have become active in promoting Shroud research and in providing accurate information to thousands of interested people in Spanish speaking countries. The site is currently only in Spanish, but will soon include English translations as well. I expect this site will grow substantially in the next year.

Childrens Sermons: The Shroud of Turin

This is the charming personal website of Jim Kerlin and his family. It includes the complete transcript of a Compuserve Online Forum on the Shroud of Turin hosted by Jim in March of 1996, as well as the text and photographs of a slide presentation given by former STURP President, Thomas D'Muhala, on May 11, 1995. Also included is a brief Shroud history.

Collegamento pro Sindone Home Page (In Italian and English) Expanded!

This beautiful website includes many photographs of the Cathedral and Chapel, a map of geographical areas related to the Shroud, an illustrated Shroud history, an annotated photographic map of the Shroud, links to other Shroud websites and much more. Created by Maurizio Marinelli, it has grown into a substantial and important website, with the able assistance of fellow Collegamento members Ilona Farkas and Emanuela Marinelli, both noted Shroud researchers and authors. Also, you can visit the "Collegamento pro Sindone" page of this website for more information about the organization and read English translations of articles that originally appeared in Italian in their bi-monthly publication.

The site has been recently expanded to include a link to the Marinelli Collection's listing of Scientific Articles on the Collegamento's website. This list contains hundreds of entries and is an excellent resource for Shroud researchers when used in conjunction with the "Shroud Booklist" on this website and other information found on the Internet. I am also proud to report that there is now an Italian Translation of the article I presented at the June 1998 Turin Symposium, "The Role of the Internet In The Future of Shroud Research," as well as an English Version on the Collegamento's site.

Council for the Study of Shroud of Turin (CSST) Website Expanded!

CSST, founded by Dr. Alan Whanger of Duke University, is a nonprofit scientific research and educational organization whose mission is to study, research and publish findings on the Shroud. The CSST website includes Current Findings, the 1988 Carbon-14 Dating and an overview of the research by Dr. and Mrs. Whanger, including the polarized light image overlay technique they developed for image comparisons. The site has recently been expanded to include 15 interactive Quicktime and AVI movies that allow the viewer to download the images and do the overlay comparison on their own computer. The effects are quite dramatic and enlightening, not to mention downright fun! Full instructions are included, along with a link to the site where you can download free Quicktime software if necessary. Also included are a library of twelve still photographs from CSST's research. A "must see" site! (Note: if you get a "busy" message, try again later).

The Everlasting Covenant Shroud of Turin Page

This Shroud of Turin page is presented by Dr. Kenneth and Mary Stevenson. Ken and Mary were members of STURP, the team that performed the first in-depth scientific examination of the cloth in 1978. Dr. Stevenson is the author of two books on the Shroud and the founder of the Everlasting Covenant Ministries. He and Mary are co-pastors of a Church in New York and a Cathedral in Pittburgh, Pennsylvania. Note: This page has recently been updated and includes many new features.

The Face on the Shroud of Turin

This webpage represents sculptor Willem Branca's interpretation of the face of the man of the Shroud. The page includes excellent photographs of the sculpture in its various forms, along with instructions for ordering. The site has one frustrating feature however, in that it prompts your browser to spawn an additional page with advertisments. Still, some might find the work interesting and worth the inconvenience.

The Holy Shroud Guild Home Page

Founded in 1951 by Father Adam Otterbein, Father Peter Rinaldi and Father Francis Filas, this organization and its founders were instrumental in helping STURP obtain permission to perform the 1978 scientific examination of the Shroud. Dedicated to promoting the devotion and scientific research of the cloth, the Guild makes available a large selection of Shroud books, photographs, a Newsletter and other materials. It is one of the oldest organizations dedicated to the Shroud of Turin in the United States.

The Holy Shroud in VRML

This is a fascinating site because of its interactive three-dimensional imagery. Site host Mario Chiesa gives viewers the opportunity to move around three dimensional images generated from the Shroud of Turin facial image. The site is available in both English and Italian. Note however, that successful viewing of this site requires an up-to-date browser and VRML viewer software. I tested the site using the Cosmo Player 2.0, which I downloaded from the C-NET Central website. They also provide a review of the software and other valuable information. Unfortunately, no link to download the Cosmo Player software was available directly from Mario's site.

"Imago Christi," a Shroud Interest Group

This is the home page of the "Imago Christi" Shroud Interest Group, founded by Art Historian and Sindonologist, Michelina M. LeMargie, Ph.D., to "research, study, and disseminate" information concerning the relic known as the Shroud of Turin. Imago Christi exists "for artistic, educational, and scientific purposes." It is a non-profit organization designed to help the public audience learn about the Shroud by facilitating an interest in the humanities. The site features a color photograph of a painted Shroud copy dated 1516 and attributed to Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528), which indicates that the Shroud had been through a fire at some time prior to the Chambéry fire of 1532. The artist included the same set of four "L Shaped" burn-holes still visible on the cloth today.

Ion Science Explains the Enduring Mysteries of the Shroud of Turin

This recent article by Guy Cramer is prefaced with a timeline of recent Shroud research designed to provide "scientific background" on the Shroud. As such, it does include valuable references to many recently published scientific papers. However, it must be noted that the timeline also includes several recent theories that have not yet been fully investigated or peer reviewed and several earlier theories that never gained the full acceptance of the scientific community. The article itself presents Mr. Cramer's personal theory on the carbon dating, which he believes was completed accurately but yielded a 12th century date because of ionization.

Local Plant Evidence Supports Authenticity of Shroud of Turin

This is a link to a front page article that appeared on April 14, 1997 in the Jerusalem Post Daily Internet Edition, which encapsulates the work of Avinoam Danin, an Israeli botanist and Alan and Mary Whanger, noted Shroud researchers, in discovering apparent flower images on the Shroud. According to Danin, these images suggest that the Shroud is from Palestine.

The Man of Pain Documentary

This page is a link to the Nova T website describing "The Man of Pain, The Shroud of Turin," a 60 minute long film documentary that Nova T Srl — the Capuchin friars’, a Turin based television production company, in coproduction with Euphon Srl — published for the last public ostension held in the Piedmontese capital from 19th April to 14th June, 1998. The program was chosen as the occasion’s Official Documentary by the Comitato per l’Ostensione della Sindone. These extraordinary pictures, recorded in HDVS (High Definition SONY recording system) by the NOVA T and EUPHON crews, are of exceptional importance because they were the first professional recordings since the television ostension of 1973. Information on how to obtain copies of the program is also provided.

Market Journal of Fine and Decorative Art Online

The Shroud of Turin: On Display In 1998 is the title of this web page, part of a larger website dealing with the decorative arts. As you know, I generally restrict the links on this page to only websites that deal with the Shroud. Although this site does include other materials, this page is an excellent recap of Shroud Internet resources and contains links to many other sites. An excellent compilation page of Shroud information. My thanks to Greg Fewer in England for bringing this site to my attention.

McCrone Research Institute Shroud of Turin Page

The McCrone Research Institute, founded by Walter McCrone, noted microscopist, has been active in Shroud research for many years. This website provides an overview of the data that led Walter McCrone to conclude that the Shroud of Turin is a painting. It includes images showing sites on the Shroud where the tape samples used for his microscopic analysis were taken from and references to articles published by Walter McCrone and his staff outlining their tests and their conclusions.

Media Net Turin Website

This beautiful website, presented in Italian by Media Net, provides an overview of the Shroud, as well as a look at the city of Turin itself. The Shroud section tells the story of the Shroud and discusses its history, the upcoming exhibition, Shroud science and religious aspects of the cloth. It also includes information on local points of interest, monuments, museums and much more. Well worth the visit!

New Heaven New Earth Article: The Shroud of Turin

This excellent article by David Sunfellow summarizes what is known about the Shroud of Turin in very clear, non-scientific terms. Of particular note is a pathological report on the individual in the Shroud image by Dr. Robert Bucklin, STURP team member, which is encapsulated and quoted in the article.

New Heaven New Earth News Update: Skeptical Inquirer Debate

Recently, SI Digest, the online newsletter of the Committee For The Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP), published an article by Joe Nickell about the Shroud of Turin that dismissed the Shroud as "perhaps the world's most notorious religious hoax." Since CSICOP claims to champion serious scientific investigation, David Sunfellow, founder of NHNE, immediately wrote the editors and asked them to either issue a public retraction concerning the Shroud article they published and/or offer an explanation as to why they ran an article on the Shroud that was so blatantly biased and uninformed. In case they weren't aware of the serious scientific investigation that has been, and continues to be conducted on the Shroud, David's letter also included information from the Shroud of Turin Website. This began an interesting exchange of letters, including one that I wrote in response to the Joe Nickell article. This link includes the complete text of the entire exchange between Sunfellow and the CSICOP.

Professor Imbalzano's Sindone Page

This is the personal website of Professor Giovanni Imbalzano. He is a member of the Centro Internazionale di Sindonologia de Torino and a professor of mathematics and physics at the Liceo Scientifico Majorana di Moncalieri in Turin.

Review of David Sox's 1988 book "The Shroud Unmasked"

This is a previously unpublished review by Greg Fewer of the Waterford Institute of Technology in Waterford, Ireland, who was kind enough to submit it for inclusion on this website. It offers an overview of David Sox's book and points out some possible problems and errors.

Science and the Shroud

A new article from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio's magazine, "The Mission", deals with carbon dating research done by Dr. Leoncio Garza-Valdes and Dr. Stephen Mattingly. Their work throws into question the accuracy of the 1260-1390 carbon date assigned to the Shroud by 1988 test results. It includes a number of excellent color photographs and provides an overview of the research and its possible impact on many areas of science.

"Science and the Shroud" - Time Magazine Cover Story - April 20, 1998

This is a text only version of the cover story run by Time Magazine recently and does not include any photographs or illustrations. The above link takes you to page one of the story. Use the navigator at the bottom of the page to go to successive pages. My thanks to viewer David Buckna for sending me this link.

Shroud of Lirey-Chambéry-Turin Home Page

This is the website of Dr. Nicholas P.L. Allen, who concludes that the Shroud is an actual photograph produced using 13th century technology. Included are a number of illustrated articles that present his theories on the method he believes was used to create the image on the Shroud. Also on this well-designed website is an article titled "How Leonardo Did Not Fake The Shroud of Turin", which examines and disputes the theories expressed in the Picknett-Prince book "The Turin Shroud: In Whose Image?".

Shroud of Turin Education Project Website Expanded!

This is a link to the website of Russ Breault's Shroud organization. The purpose of the Shroud of Turin Education Project (STEP) is to raise awareness of the Shroud among students from high school to college and beyond. It is the goal of STEP, through lectures, videos, and the website to motivate formal independent research, promote personal inquiry and investigation, encourage the use of science in the quest of religious meaning and stimulate reflection on its philosophical and religious implications.

If you are an educator and are interested in how you might integrate the study of the Shroud of Turin into your lesson plan or, if you are a student with the goal of writing a report on the Shroud, you should visit the recently updated and redesigned STEP Website for ideas. Russ even includes a long list of possible topics for Shroud research projects.

The Shroud of Turin: Genuine Artifact or Manufactured Relic? (Includes Pray Manuscript illustration)

This is a link to an article by Jack Kilmon that appeared in "The Glyph," the Journal of the Archaeological Institute of America (San Diego). Mr. Kilmon argues in favor of authenticity and offers a comprehensive review of the scientific facts about the Shroud, siting references for many of them. The article includes closeup photographs of the Shroud and an illustration of the entombed and enshrouded Jesus of Nazareth found in a prayer book from Budapest known as the Pray Manuscript. Kilmon states, "The illustration not only depicts the unique "L" pattern of burn holes but also the unique weave pattern of the shroud. There can be no mistake that the Pray Manuscript of 1192 was modeled from the Shroud of Turin." Also included is a link to Mr. Kilmon's artistic interpretation of the Shroud image based on a Shroud photograph: "The Face of the Man in the Shroud."

Shroud of Turin Page with Shockwave Movie (includes images and audio).

Richard Shand's "Illuminations" homepage was chosen as the number one website in Canada in 1995. This link is to his "Reflections" page which includes an overview of the Shroud and the current research as well as a Shockwave Movie of the transformation of the Shoud image into a flesh and blood portrait. NOTE: To view this animated Shockwave Movie, you must have the appropriate "plug-in" for Netscape 2.0+ installed on your computer. You can download this software by clicking on the Shockwave graphic at the bottom of that page on his website.

La Sindone di Torino

This is a link to a new, Italian language website produced by Mariano Tomatis. It is an extensive site that discusses the early history of the Shroud, various image formation theories, the analysis of the man in the image, the story of the Shroud and overviews the scientific research carried out on the relic. It also includes links to a parallel site that discusses the Holy Grail. The site has one frustrating feature however. It prompts your browser to spawn a distracting smaller page or "console" filled with advertisments that sits on top of the main page. Still, there are many in-depth articles you might find worth the inconvenience.

Skeptic's Dictionary - Shroud of Turin

This is a link to an article in the Skeptic's Dictionary, which takes a very critical and negative view of the Shroud and those who argue for its authenticity. It mainly represents the views of Joe Nickell, an outspoken Shroud critic who believes the image on the cloth is a medieval painting and "is probably a forgery". Mr. Nickell, a professional magician, has been writing and lecturing on the Shroud for 20 years. He is the author of "Inquest on the Shroud of Turin," available from the "Website Store" page of this site.

Skeptical Inquirer - CSICOP News Article

This is a link to an article on the website newsletter of the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP) known as the Skeptical Inquirer. The article is titled, "Shroud of Turin Exhibition Renews False Claims of Authenticity" and is mainly a recap of the views of Joe Nickell, a "Senior Research Fellow" with CSICOP and a long-time critic of the Shroud's authenticity. (See above link to the Skeptic's Dictionary).

The Skeptical Shroud of Turin Website

This website presents "the artistic and historical scholarly evidence and the physical, chemical, and microscopic scientific evidence that demonstrates that the Shroud of Turin is a medieval artifact and forgery". The site is hosted by Steven Schafersman who is a Scientific and Technical Consultant of the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranorma (CSICOP).

Textile Interpretation of the Holy Shroud Expanded!

This link was brought to my attention by Piero Rava, the C.E.O. of INMETESS S.p.A., a company in Italy that manufactures a textile interpretation of the Shroud image. Originally created in the 1970's by Mrs. Cleta Meniconi Tarantola, an expert in the art of weaving, this interpretation is exquisitely woven into the Jacquard fabric, not printed onto it, and shows the positive face of the Shroud on one side and the negative face on the other.

Recently, I was fortunate to receive one of the 1978 interpretations as a gift. I was instantly taken by the accurate and beautiful rendition of the Shroud image and the unique positive-negative effect of the image woven directly into the cloth. The website allows you to choose from English, Spanish, French, German and Italian language pages, includes excellent photographs of the woven portrait and now allows you to order this truly unique item over the Internet by going to the direct link provided.

Turin Fire Brigade Website

This website, presented in Italian by the Turin Fire Brigade, contains spectacular photographs of the April 1997 fire that threatened the Shroud and severely damaged the Guarini Chapel, the Turin Cathedral and the Royal Palace. Also included are photographs of the damaged dome and chapel taken the day after the fire was extinguished and much more. A must see, even if you can't read the text!

Turin Shroud Center of Colorado Website

This is the website of the Turin Shroud Center of Colorado, founded by Dr. John P. Jackson and Rebecca Jackson. Dr. Jackson was also the co-founder of STURP, the team that performed the first in-depth scientific examination of the Shroud in 1978. The Jacksons co-direct the activities of the Center and are noted researchers and lecturers on the Shroud. Their website offers in-depth information about the Shroud and includes many excellent articles, references and photographs. It also provides search capabilities for serious researchers, as well as information about the current work at the Center.



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